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Paul van Mechelen

Lives & works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Strategist, liaison and advisor. Experienced at board level. My career includes five years as Head of Corporate Strategy of Dutch Railways, creating a coherent approach to business across a multinational company. Also a proven track record as a strategy consultant. Naval architect by training.


My specific contribution is to create strategies that inspire organisations and workforces both emotionally and professionally.

Services include:


  • (interim) support for organisations in self-developing their strategy;

  • program managent specialising in business transformation and achieving strategic aims;

  • coaching for executive and senior management in strategic planning.


Highly inclusive approach based on the competence and independence of an experienced strategist, combined with the knowledge and participation of the organisation and its people. 

The end result: Fulfilment of organisational and personal potential in the business, and ensuring readiness for an emerging future.


Paul van Mechelen
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